2015-2016 Middle School Electives

Scott School News IconFrom Mr. Steinhoff, below is a list of the new options middle schoolers will have for electives in the 2015-2016 school year. The community has spoken – and they were heard!

Elective Descriptions

Music: Choir – Choir is a class for anyone who likes to sing. We will have fun singing many different styles of music, learning how to become better singers and learning how to read and write music. There will also be some performances.

Music: Mariachi – Mariachi class is for anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument. Students will learn to play either violin, trumpet or guitar. We will learn mostly Mariachi style music, with some other fun songs mixed in. There will also be performances.

Art: In Art class you will explore a variety of art media to produce works of art in two and three dimensions. In 2D art you will learn drawing, painting and printmaking. In 3D art you will make sculptural pieces and work with clay.

Drama: Love to perform for others? Then this class is for you. Want to know what performing is all about? Then this class is for you! You will go on a journey from theater games and lip synching to writing scripts and performing on the stage for Scott School.

Spanish 1 (next year’s 7th graders only): This is a beginning Spanish class for seventh grade students who wish to develop Spanish language speaking and literacy skills. THIS CLASS IS THE FIRST YEAR OF A TWO YEAR COMMITMENT. If you want to take this class you are expected to continue with Spanish 2 in eighth grade. This sequence offers you the opportunity to place out of the first years of Spanish in high school.

Physical Education: PE is a class for students who want to be active. You will learn to play a variety of sports and work on aspects of sportsmanship as you play team and individual sports.

Technology (one section only): in tech class you will learn to use a variety of programs for presentations. You will learn keyboarding and spreadsheet skills as well as responsible and efficient online research skills that will help you be a successful student in high-school and eventually college.

Office Assistant: this is more like a JOB than a class. You spend a period in the office working with the secretaries to help with organizing files, running errands in the school, greeting and checking in visitors, and any other tasks asked of you. You must be able to respectfully follow directions and in return you gain many invaluable on-the-job skills.

Teacher Assistant: This JOB has similar responsibilities as the Office Assistant job. But, instead of working in the office, you are assigned to work in a K-3 classroom assisting the teacher. In classroom settings you have the opportunity to work with and tutor younger students. IF YOU ARE A SPANISH SPEAKER, please write that on the choice form and you will be placed in a Spanish Immersion classroom.

Engineering Science (one section – for next year’s 7-8 grade students only) is a class that uses the science inquiry process to ask questions, solve problems, design solutions, test solutions, and improve upon those solutions using reading, writing, math, and the construction of models.

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