Scrip Gift Cards

Buy pre-paid gift cards at face-value and earn money for Scott School!

For every Scrip card purchased Scott School earns a portion of the sale amount. There are over one hundred businesses to choose from from grocers to movie theaters to!

Reasons to Buy Scrip Cards

  • It’s a dollar for dollar exchange: $10 gift card costs $10
  • Put the money you are already spending to work for Scott School
  • No need to buy anything you wouldn’t ordinarily buy
  • Scott School receives between 3 – 43 % profit from participating stores
  • Using scrip cards helps you budget money and plan ahead
  • Use them for groceries, gas, clothing, home goods, movies, dinners, online shopping, and more

How it works

Orders are collected every two weeks and are due by Tuesday mornings at 8 a.m. Please leave your order and check in the lockbox in the school office. Order forms are available in the school lobby on the PTA bulletin board or you can click below for a printable form.

Scott School Scrip Order Form Fall 2016

Cards are distributed on the following Fridays at 8 a.m. in the school lobby or can be delivered by arrangement.

Questions? Contact Klay Arsenault,


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