Want to help, but not sure what needs doing?

The Scott School PTA is constantly looking for volunteers to help with various events. Our list of volunteers and volunteer opportunities is every-changing. For the most urgent needs, please email us at ScottSchoolPTA@gmail.com and we can help connect you with the right people.

Below are some ways people in Scott School help out – how can you help?

Clothing Closet/ Clothes Swap: Donate, wash, organize clothes
– Contact Karen Brill, ibbie25@yahoo.com.

Kermes, our annual carnival: Fundraising, planning, cooking, decorating, anything!
– Come to a Friday meeting, 8:30 – 10 a.m. in the Staff Lounge, to learn more.

SUN: Homework club help or teach a class
– Contact ___________________.

Reading Friend: Read with a student once a week for a half hour
– Contact Principal Gina Roletto, groletto@pps.net.

Recess Monitors: Scott is in constant need for Recess Monitors from 10:45-12:15 each school day (Monday-Friday). If you are only available one day a week, or perhaps even one day a month, we could use your help. Some of the tasks include:

  • Monitoring cafeteria for noise level and behavior
  • Encouraging quiet voices and good behavior in the cafeteria.
  • Making sure kids aren’t entering the building without permission.

We will make sure you get adequate training, and there will always be staff on duty and available for support as well. If you are interested please contact Vice Principal Lydia Poole, lpoole@pps.net, 503.916.6369.

Room Parents: Scott School encourages a Room Parent volunteers. Room parents are responsible for helping out in the classroom with tasks such as:

  • Obtain classroom contact information (email, phone, etc.)
  • Compile classroom newsletter – weekly or monthly – to send home to parents
  • Notify parents of classroom events & coordinate volunteers – field trips, class parties, etc.
  • Coordinate volunteers within the classroom or with projects parents can do at home
  • Create and manage list of classroom needs
  • Communicate with PTA
  • Help connect parents with each other
  • Coordinate translation needs (room parent would need resources to make this happen)

Please contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in becoming a room parent.

Don’t Forget!! Volunteers (and visitors) should sign in at the front office computer to log hours.

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