Architects in Schools

2015-05-04 09.35.57Scott’s 5th grade classrooms, headed by Jennifer Christ and Robert Kelley, have spent the last 10 weeks participating in the Architects in Schools program through the Architectural Foundation of Oregon (AFO).

The AFO matches local architects with eager classrooms, where the architect leads a series of activities designed to teach kids architectural concepts. This year’s design professional was Erik Lawrence, a Scott School dad and architect working with RDH Building Sciences, Inc.

Erik spent Wednesday mornings sharing his time between the two classes. In the first session, the students learned about the job of an architect and how architecture is designed. From there, they moved onto some basic structural and building principals that were used in the design and construction of their final projects. Kids engaged in both visual and physical learning of architectural concepts throughout the session. The session culminated in children working within design teams who conceived, designed, and constructed their own model bridges.

Thank you to Ms. Christ and Mr. Kelley for their support of the kids through this dynamic learning program…and thanks to the kids for doing such a great job!

The students’ projects are on display at the

Center for Architecture, 403 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR

Until approximately the end of May.

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