December 18th is a 2-Hour Late Start

Please note that December 18, January 22, March 19, and May 21 are true late starts. February 19 and April 16 will be entire days off. See message from Dr. Gutierrez:

Dear Parents,
I want to apologize for all the confusion around whether December 18th is a two hour late start or a non-school day. Nicole Markwell sent me the link that led to the confusion and I know that page is OLD. Here’s what happened:
Originally we were supposed to have all day professional development. There was then a discussion about instructional hours and a decision was made at the district level to make some 2 hour late starts and other non-school days.
Additionally, the district calendar lists all of the days as late openings without differentiating for the focus schools. I’d like to give you a pattern of how the days go but I can’t. Know that February and April are the months that we have no-school days while the rest of the district has late opening.
I hope that this helps!
Dr. Verenice Gutierrez
Principal, Scott K-8

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