February Newsletter

Everyone should have seen a Newsletter in backpacks on Friday. If you haven’t, here is an electronic version. Volume 3 Number 3: Feb 2014

Please note that due to the VERY fluid situation between PPS and PAT (teacher’s union), the dates on the first page are largely incorrect. Please see the district website for more information. http://www.pps.k12.or.us/ We are also trying to keep things up to date on Facebook.

Corrections, as known at this time are below:

Wed, Feb 19th – There is School from 8am to 11:45am. Students will be released early in anticipation of the strike. This allows administration to “check-out” teachers. Note that YMCA will be available for already registered kids from 11:45-regular close. The status of SUN on Wed, Feb 19th is unknown at this time. SUN will not be available on the 19th if there is early release.

Thurs, Feb 20th – In case of a strike, no school. Kindergarten Round-up has been canceled. PTA meeting (6pm) has been kicked out of the building and the PTA is working on an alternative site. YMCA is available all day at Alameda for kids who are already registered with YMCA.

Friday, Feb 21st – In case of strike, no school. YMCA is available all day at Alameda for kids who are already registered with YMCA. The Community Priorities meeting is still on because it was always to be held off-site at Hacienda at 5pm.

Monday, Feb 24th – In case of strike, no school.

Tuesday, Feb 25th – In case of strike, PPS’s contingency plan states that K-8 should start to open with substitutes. Please watch http://www.pps.k12.or.us/ for information. Presumably YMCA and SUN will be available after school on site, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Friday, Feb 27th – African American Heritage night and the Kindergarten Round-up have both been canceled by PPS instruction.


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