Preview of The Paw Print (Newsletter)

We are so excited about February’s Paw Print. Newsletters at Scott are a little challenging. Not only do you have the regular lead time to gather all the information and have it printed at the district office, getting everything translated into Spanish – preferably by a native Spanish speaker – takes time. Almost as soon as one month’s goes out, another needs to be started.

While we are always open to staff input, giving staff adequate notice for our busy and hard-working teachers is another wrinkle in the lead time. This month, however, everyone came through. We have a 5-page (per language) newsletter that should hit backpacks early next week.

What can you look forward to reading?

  • A Staff Spotlight on Dawn Jackson
  • Stories on both the art and music classrooms
  • An update on the 6th-grader’s farm relationship, facilitated in part by the PTA
  • A preview of a middle school field trip written by one of our students
  • And more!

Stay tuned……

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