Policy for Entry into Our School

A message from Principle Gutierrez:

The staff brought to my attention that parents are exiting out the door that leads to 68th from the K/1 hall. Other parents are banging on the door until they are let in. This door is to remain closed for security reasons. Every time someone exits or enters through that door safety is compromised for our youngest students. Opening that door allows anyone to come in without checking in the office and/or bypassing our security cameras. This is not ok!

Additionally, we have several families with custody protective orders. Letting folks in that door could lead to a non-custodial parent taking a child they are prohibited by law from contacting. In fact, we have a child who was taken by the non-custodial parent and has been missing for months. (Although it didn’t happen on school grounds) This isn’t a possibility or fear mongering on my part, it is a very real occurrence!

Please do not open the door to exit or to allow other to come in. Help us hold the line on ensuring we keep all students 100% safe. Under no circumstances should you open the door for someone banging on the window. You can and should tell them, “Go around to the front door”, then walk away.

Student safety is tantamount! Your support and cooperation is essential. Thank you,
Dr. G.

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