Scott School Community Priorities Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who came out to Scott School on Wednesday, January 15th and to the Baltazar F. Ortiz Community Center Friday, February 21st to voice your priorities and concerns regarding the configuration and programing at Scott School!

Over 100 adults came to the two presentations. Presentations were made by the school administration (Mr. Steinhoff and Dr. Gutierrez, respectively) and by representatives of the Friday morning parents group. We ended with giving everyone 20 stickers to ‘vote’ for the things most important to their family.

Community Priorities Meeting

Our goal is to host one more presentation and survey. We’d like to then host a final large group meeting to share the results of our surveys, share a meal together, and celebrate the positive aspects of Scott School and our community. Keep your eye out for announcements of these future meetings.

To view the presentations from the meetings, click on the files below.

Enrollment Balancing


Timeline_script.scott adapted from Rigler_1]

To briefly recap:

  • Scott School, due to the popularity of filling 3 sections with the Spanish Immersion Program for the past 2 years, is out of room. We need 2-4 additional classrooms next year which Dr. G thinks she can get by reconfiguring some of the ‘extras’
  • PPS is starting a district-wide boundary discussion this year to target changes NO EARLIER THAN FALL 2015. Limiting Spanish Immersion K spots could happen as soon as 2014/2015, but everything else would be put off until then.

There seems to be 3 choices to address the space issue:

    • Choice #1 – Keep K-8 but shrink the Immersion Program to only 2 (instead of 3) sections a year. This would likely occur by limiting applicants to in neighborhood students. Note that if we can find enough within the neighborhood to fill 3 sections, we would have to take them, at least in the short run
    • Choice #2 – Change Scott to a K-5 and keep Spanish Immersion at 3 sections a year. It is very unclear where the middle school would go; such a decision would impact more than Scott
    • Choice #3 – Change the boundaries to address enrollment. By shedding some areas (likely the southern edge), we might be able to shrink to a sustainable size. Maybe. Capture patterns make it unclear if this would really work and we might still have to shrink Spanish Immersion down to 2 sections.

There was some data presented on

  • current patterns of the K lottery and middle school lottery as it applies to Scott
  • Programing for middle school students at K-8 versus Middle Schools
  • Research on Spanish Immersion programs for addressing academic performance
  • History of Boundaries for the area

Finally, we made our own data by voting on our values with dots and posters on the wall.

Click on the link below to see the data we’ve collected so far.

Scott Survey Data-1

Click on the link below to see the open ended responses to the surveys.


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