Dual-Language Immersion Program

Dual-Language (Spanish/English) Immersion is an exciting and challenging program that serves students from all backgrounds at Scott. Immersion students experience the same curriculum as students in English-only classes. The difference is that they spend part of their day learning in Spanish and part of the day learning in English. Generally, kindergartners spend 90% of their class time learning in Spanish, and by middle grades the ratio is 50% Spanish and 50% English.

Who is eligible to apply for the Scott Spanish Immersion program?

Because the program is built upon bilingual learning, space for new students is allocated for both native Spanish and native English speakers. Students who speak languages other than Spanish and English are encouraged to apply for Spanish Immersion, as well.

Program Expectations and Assessments

Immersion students are encouraged to speak Spanish in the immersion classes with both teacher and classmates, in order to build language skills. This is one way to achieve the high level of Spanish fluency required to learn content area and participate in classroom activities. Families should understand that students are learning the core math/science curriculum in Spanish and that most assignments will require dedicated focus and hard work.

Immersion teachers work hard at each grade level to plan together, integrating lesson plans and content. Team teaching is an important aspect of this program. At each grade level, teachers work on developing a nurturing classroom environment together.


Transportation is provided by the district to students who live a mile from Scott but within the Scott boundaries.

How to Apply for your Kindergarten Student

Parents of Kindergarten students who are eligible to attend Portland Public Schools may apply for the Immersion Program through the School Choice Lottery. You may visit the PPS Enrollment and Transfer Center online for application deadlines and/or school tour dates.

Late entry to program

Most of the students in the Immersion Program at Scott School will enter in Kindergarten through the PPS School Choice Lottery process. However, if a student shows adequate proficiency in Spanish, through an interview and assessment process, and there is room in the program, he or she may join the Spanish Immersion Program at Scott at any grade level. Interested families should contact Principal Gina Roletto at groletto@pps.net (503 916 5640) for more information.

For more information

For more information on Spanish Immersion programs, contact Debbie Armendariz at darmenda@ppt.net, (503) 916-3082, or visit the Immersion website.

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