Meeting with Principal Truong

Notes from my bi-weekly meeting with Principal Truong, November 10, 2015:

Boundaries – The upcoming boundary meetings in N/NE Portland are:
Nov. 12 CIO, 700 N Killingsworth St (97217) 6-8 PM
Nov. 16 Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), 8114 SE Division St (97266) 10 AM – 12 noon
Nov. 17 Charles Jordan Community Center, 9009 N Foss Ave (97203) 6-8 PM
*Nov. 17 Latino Network at Madison High School (En espanol), 2735 NE 82nd Ave (97220) 6-8 PM
*Nov. 18 Roseway Heights, 7334 NE Siskiyou St (97213) 6-8 PM

Parents are welcome and encouraged to go to any meeting; it would be nice to get several parents to go to the meetings at Madison and Roseway heights (*).

It is important to be specific in what we like or dislike about each scenario. The board is likely to pick and choose pieces from each option rather than one scenario. It is also important to bring up any concerns with the scenarios.

In connection with the boundary review scenarios and meetings, there has been chatter about possibly merging Rigler and Scott (one immersion school, one “neighborhood” school). This is a discussion that needs to happen along with boundary review (whether there is a change or not) so that students are not re-shuffled multiple times if this change is made. I am inviting Michael Bacon, Assistant Director or Dual Language Immersion to our upcoming PTA meeting on November 19th (6:30-8:00 PM).


Principal Truong has set up a new literacy program that targets the areas where students are struggling and practices those areas frequently. This new system is heavily reliant on volunteers. The volunteers she is looking for are people who can come in on a regular basis (such as 1-2 hours every Tuesday). There is no special training needed, volunteers will be given instructions for the individual students’ needs. Volunteers would work with individual students for 5-ish minutes each and then move on to another student. If you are interested, please contact Principal Truong.


The middle school has undergone several changes recently. First off, there are several elective options available to students: drama, mariachi, choir, PE, art, technology… This is the most our students have been offered at Scott since the switch to a K-8. Additionally, the middle school schedule has been adjusted so that all of the electives are offered the last 2 periods of the day, which makes them more accessible to the students.


New Staff at Scott! Principal Truong has hired a new half-time Reading Specialist. She is looking for 2 new Educational Assistants (EAs). Additionally, one of our current EAs is being trained as a Para-Educator, which will allow her to hire a new EA to fill the then vacant EA position.

Given the difficulties our school has had getting substitute teachers, Principal Truong has been given permission from the district to hire an in-building substitute. This person will report to Scott every day to fill any holes that come up (like illness).

Update on Maestra Perez’s first grade class – There is currently a long-term English-speaking substitute (who is staying until Maestra Perez returns). They are also getting a 2 day/week Spanish-speaking substitute to help with lessons in Spanish.

Lack of Spanish-Speaking Substitute Teachers

SpanImmersionThe director from the Department of Dual Languages will be coming to meet with parents at Scott School on Wednesday, October 21st @ 6:30 pm. She will be meeting with parents to address concerns about the present lack of qualified Spanish speaking substitute teachers to cover Maestra Perez’s first grade classroom during her maternity leave.

Parents also hope to vocalize concerns about the future staffing needs for Spanish Immersion district-wide, and ask that the Department of Dual Languages focus on current dual-immersion programs prior looking toward expansion. We are calling for strength in numbers at this meeting – Parents please come if you are available.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

This week (April 20-24) we are celebrating all of the wonderful teachers and staff members who work to make Scott a great place for our children each and every day. At the PTA meeting last week parents made a few fun thank-yous and wrote notes in cards (made by the YMCA kids) to hand out to teachers and staff Monday through Wednesday

Thursday (4/23) a few parents are doing a coffee cart (right after drop off) where they take coffee, tea, juice, and snacks around the school for all of the hard-working adults in the building to have a little treat. If you would like to go around with the coffee cart or donate a treat, please respond to this email.

Friday (4/24) parents are providing a potluck lunch for all of the teachers and staff. Below is a Sign Up if you are able to bring a little something to share. The theme this year is soup, salad, and bread. You may bring your contribution anytime between drop off and 10:15 AM to the staff lounge (behind the stage). Empty dishes can be picked up anytime after 1:30 PM (after school is fine).

We also encourage you and your student(s) to give your teachers and the other staff members a little extra love this week.